Photography Training for Kids

Why Photography Training  for Children

Photography for Children offers a range of exciting and valuable learning experiences among which are; the ability to display their potential through creativity, an ability to learn a new skill thereby increasing self esteem,opportunities to be innovative, avenues to develop,communicate ideas, thoughts and feelings through photos.

Our Photography education program for school children is created to enable kids to build an understanding of themselves and the world around them. It also helps develop a child’s voice, visual sense and personality as it pertains to their family, friends and the community. 

Information age learning has provided visual learning opportunities for children to be able to experiment with their environment,improvise,discover and solve problems. Our photo learning platform focuses on helping the child to explore,investigate,tell stories and create concepts from their imagination.

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What Children will learn

Our children will learn some of these among several others:

  • Basics of Photography - This will cover simple presentations on the history of photography, photography fundamentals,the role of light in photography(light painting) etc
  • Basics of the Camera- Understanding how the camera works, taking photos with any camera , basic composition skills and understanding the types of cameras.
  • Practice basic photography skills with over 12 weeks of lessons – Our kids are treated to weekly photo adventures where they practice first hand basic photo skills. Each lesson contains an introduction to a specific photo project with photography tips tailored to the photo adventure.

Requirements and target audience

  • Children ages 4 -13+ can be part of the lessons
  • The children do not need to have any prior photography knowledge. We'll start with the basics and have fun with all the photo projects. 
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